Episode 1 – Lead From Behind

The Age of Authenticity is upon us, and to not get left behind, we must learn to lead from behind. Listen in as I tell you a story of someone who led from behind and how they stayed true to themselves and their team.

What concept did you take from this podcast to apply or reflect on in your own life?

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Lead From Behind in the Age of Authenticity
Lead From Behind in the Age of Authenticity

This episode was inspired by 2 people, one is a very close friend, and the other is a thought leader in his industry who sparked the phrase Age of Authenticity during a podcast visit of his own. You can learn more about the people behind the inspiration in the profiles and links below- highly encourage you to give them a listen to add some tools for your journey to conquer the world!

Founder of Story Hacker and accomplished Podcast Host Christopher Decker provided the inspiration behind the term Age of Authenticity during an interview with Russ Johns on the Pirate Broadcast. Find out more about Chris on his LinkedIn here.

Russ Johns, Podcast Host on The Pirate Broadcast, has summarized his show in 2 phrases, Smiles are Cool and Kindness is Free. He hosted Chris on the 10th of September for the discussion mentioned above. An amazing storyteller himself, I highly recommend his podcast for anyone hungry for quality content and a good time! You can find his broadcast here.

2 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Lead From Behind

  1. Wendy Weiner Runge

    I appreciate how hard it must be for an introvert to serve in a leadership position in the military and for the strength it takes to teach others that they can do the same. Thank you for being genuine and compassionate. We’re learning. This is a wonderful launch for a podcast, Foley!

  2. Sheri Lally

    Beautifully calm voice and engaging topic. You are relatable and speak to the audience like we are sharing a cup of coffee between friends. ( or a cuppa as Jay Andrews says) Podcasts can bring in a needed break in the day and finding one that isn’t screaming a pitch or telling me what is wrong with something to justify their product offering is refreshing! Smiles are cool and so are Kind People.


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