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Podcast- Operation Innovation

In my experience, I have seen a vast array of team dynamics. What my challenge to all teams is to accelerate you through ‘what if’, to ‘now what’, and finally to ‘whats next’.

If you could snap your fingers and create the perfect team. What would it look like? How can you create the structure to get you there? What tools do you need to improve the skill set of your team and yourself? What are your barriers?

Inspired by the challenges that I saw around me after transitioning out of active duty service, I knew that I could set up more than just my teams for success.

Operation Innovation (Op In) is the place I go to translate the military’s most powerful concepts and approaches into business insights to inspire innovation, continuous improvement, communication strategy, and leadership.

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Working with site partners at Udemy- I will soon share key insights through online coursework that you can take at your own pace. Stay Tuned!

In the meantime- Check out the first issue of Op In Quickies (download below!), where I dish out important information that will help give you the tools you need to succeed in building the strong infrastructure you need to create strong, motivated, creative, and productive teams.

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